Group Classes and Apparatus  Sessions

Pilates Mat Classes

Fiona Carter Mat Class

Fiona's Pilates Mat-work classes are designed to meet the needs of the group that she is teaching, so no two classes will be the same.  These classes will help you develop strength, stability and tone.  Whilst these classes are performed on the mat Fiona will often use small equipment to keep things interesting.

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See the Tuesday & Wednesday  

9am classes & video re-runs 

Pilates for Women's Health


I am continuing to offer Women's health coaching online, both through the online "Adore Your Pelvic Floor" Portal I have created and Online as One-2-Ones.  

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Online One-2-One coaching


Although I am currently unable to teach live in the studio I am still teaching One-2-Ones online.  Wether you are rehabilitating from an injury or have specific areas you want to address or simply want the one-2-one attention to help take your practise to the next level get in touch and we will find a solution that works for you.

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THE GYROKINESIS METHOD® uses the breath to initiate the core and create fluidity of movement through all the ranges of the movement within the spine. The classes are performed seated on a stool and on mats on the floor.  Some of the benefits of GYROKINESIS® exercises include increased postural strength and flexibility, renewed energy and vitality and a general sense of calm and well being.

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BuffBones® Classes 

Fiona Carter Mat Class

Buff Bones® Classes suitable for those who have osteoporosis, back pain and neck and shoulder issues.   - no classes currently scheduled, contact me if you are interested.

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see the Thursday 9am classes

& video re-runs 

Wunderchair Classes  


Possibly the most challenging piece of Pilates apparatus.  Many of the exercises are performed standing, sitting and some weight bearing through the hands which requires more balance, coordination and strength.  These are small group classes with a maximum of 3 people.

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One-2-One Pilates Apparatus

Fiona Carter Mat Class

One-2-One instruction is beneficial for everyone wether you are rehabilitating from an injury or have specific areas you want to address or simply want the one-2-one attention to help take your practise to the next level.

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Open Studio Apparatus Pilates


Fiona Teaches Open Studio sessions on the Apparatus.  These classes are designed for those who are familiar with the Pilates Equipment and don't need One-2-One attention.  Allowing you to share a session with up to three other people.  Each of you will work under Fiona's Supervision but on your own individual programme. 

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Workshops, Masterclasses & Teacher Training

Pilates Gathering

Fiona Carter Mat Class

This is the first international conference for Pilates teachers and movement educators based in Scotland.  Fiona taught at the first gathering last year and has been invited back to teach again this year.

Pop-Up Pilates 

yoga pose

Watch out for some free Pop-Up classes around Edinburgh this summer..... Bring a mat.... bring a friend and keep your fingers crossed for the weather.

Feet First Workshops

Beauty Care

In this fun class we will explore the anatomy and function of the foot and ankle.  Then look at simple ways to improve the mobility, strength and balance of the feet….. Your feet will thank you for it!

Coming soon online

Move Your Spine

Dancer in Studio

In this playful workshop we will look at all the ranges of movement available to your spine; flexion,  extension, rotation, side bending…. as well as the infinite combinations of the above.  We will explore the best strategies to help you to find these movements within YOUR body and develop confidence to move with more freedom.

Coming soon online

Release Your Neck & Shoulders

Strong Woman

This 2 hour masterclass will review common neck problems and altered movement patterns that affect the neck causing pain and disfunction.  
This workshop will present a concise, useable, contemporary review the anatomy of the neck and using this research show you how to develop an effective care and exercise programme that will help you maintain optimum postural solutions and function of the neck. 

The workshop includes a worksheet of the exercises you will learn so you can continue to practise these exercises at home.

Coming soon online

Classical/Advanced Pilates 


These classes are for those of you who have been practising Pilates for a while and would like to push yourself so you can begin to work towards the Advanced repertory or are already at an advanced level and would like to learn some new tricks to refine your skills.  While modifications will be offered you should have a good understanding of the underpinning principles of Pilates.  This workshop is not suitable for beginners.

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