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Studio Pilates

The Studio Equipment is the original apparatus designed by Mr Pilates (some of it during World War I) to improve the students ability to perform the matwork exercises.


This equipment is quite unique, depending how it is used you can

  • Increase feedback to improve your quality of movement.  

  • Decrease resistance or gravity while rehabilitating injuries, to build strength gently.

  • Increase the challenge by adding resitance or decreasing stability.  


So it can make your workout more challenging and more kinesthetically educational.


This makes Studio work ideal if you are rehabilitating from and injury and require one to one attention or if you simply want a more personal approach to help you achieve some specific goals.


Blue Sky Pilates, Edinburgh

Tuesday       15:00 to 20:00pm

Wednesday  09:00 to 14:00pm

Thursday      14:00 to 17:00pm


55 Minute Initial Consulation

In the Initial consultation we will look do a postural assesment and dicuss any injuries in order to create a programme that will enable you to get the most from your Pilates sessions. 


55 Minute One to Ones

If you feel you need a more personal aproach then an hour long One-2-One will provide you with an hour of Fiona's undivided attention.  This is great if you have specific goals or are recovering from injury and need closer monitoring.


55 Minute Open Studio

Open Studio offers a good value way to work on your own personised Pilates Programe.  While sharing the Studio with several others Fiona will guide you through your own programme using Studio Apparatus as designed and used by Mr Pilates in his own studio from the 1930's. 


Buff Bones® Open Studio

These Open Studio sessions are based on the award-winning, medically-endorsed workout for bone and joint health.  Buff Bones® studio sessions use varied and specific bone-strengthening and balance techniques for a safe option for people with osteoporosis and arthritis. The Buff Bones® system is based on a research-supported design and combines Pilates, strength training, functional movement and therapeutic exercise.  These sessions also focus on alignment of the joints to enhance posture and balance prepareing the body for optimal loading of the bones, which is how they strengthen. 



            Individual 55 minute follow-up One-2-One's £70

            package of 10 x 55 minute One to Ones   £600 (equal to £60/class)



            Individual 55 minute Open Studio Session £40

            package of 10 x 55 minute Open Studio Sessions £300 (equal to £30/class)



Find us 

Blue Sky Pilates

50 Queen Street 




City Centre Location 

Street Parking Available