A Healthy & Happy Life Is Within Reach. 

Helping fabulous women like you...

  • Take control of those "Oops Moments".

  • Get back to the active life you want after your prolapse diagnosis.

  • Support you with strategies to deal with chronic pelvic pain.

  • Improve pelvic floor function wether that is strengthening a weak pelvic floor or releasing a hypertonic (overactive) pelvic floor. 

Great News! I'm Back in the Studio

In-person Pilates Studio sessions available in Edinburgh and Haddington for One-2-Ones and Studio (shared*) Sessions.

*Please note the shared/studio sessions currently have a maximum of 2 or 3 people dependant on the studio to maintain covid-19 safe social distancing 


Pointe Ahead Pilates,  10a Rutland Square, Edinburgh. EH1 2AS 

09:00am to 13:00pm Tuesday and Thursday 

Pricing - One-2-One       Single drop in session £60.00

              One-2-One       New Client Introductory offer of 3 sessions £135 (valid for 2 months)

              One-2-One       Block of 5 £275.00 (valid for 3 months)

              One-2-One       Block of 10 £500.00 (valid for 6 months)

              Open Studio*    Single session £40.00

              Open Studio*    Block of 5 £175.00 (valid for 3 months)

              Open Studio*    Block of 10 £300.00 (valid for 6 months)

*Studio currently shared with up to 1 other person... ie maximum of 2 clients in studio at the same time. 


Complete Movement,   Opera Close, 22C Court St, Haddington EH41 3JA 

Currently 17.00 to 20.00  Thursday

Pricing - One-2-One       Single drop in session £55.00

              Open Studio     Single session £20

*Studio currently shared with up to 2 other people... ie maximum of 3 clients in studio at the same time.

Blue Sky Pilates, 2 Hill Street, Edinburgh 

09:00am to 14:00pm Wednesday  

Pricing - One-2-One         single drop in session £70.00

               One-2-One       block of 10 £550.00 (valid for 6 months)

               Open Studio     single session £35.00

               Open Studio     block of 10 £315.00 (valid for 6 months)

*Studio currently shared with up to 2 other people... ie maximum of 3 clients in studio at the same time.


These sessions are Studio/Pilates Apparatus sessions and adhere to the current government Covid-19 guidelines with attention to social distancing and sanitisation of equipment for your safety.  For more information about the current Covid-19 restrictions and safeguards see Covid-19 page

Specialist Services 


Pelvic Floor Health 

  • Do you pee when you laugh, sneeze or jump?

  • Have an uncomfortable prolapse?

  • Are you always desperate to go to the toilet but only have a dribble when you get there? 

  • Feel you will never get back to exercising or feel young and sexy again?

  • Missing out on joining in activities with your family? 

I offer both One-2-One coaching and have an online program designed just for you.


Neck & Shoulder Tension 

  • Do you suffer from chronic neck and shoulder tension?

  • Are you always popping aspirin for debilitating tension headaches caused by poor posture?

  • Feel your posture getting progressively rounded and not sure how to reverse it?

I offer One-2-Ones, group session and workshops that address all these issues.  Get in touch and we can discuss options that will work best for you. 


Chronic Lower Back Pain 

  • Are you in constant pain?

  • Afraid to move in case you make your back worse?

  • Find being in chronic pain exhausting?

  • feel you cant cope with work commitments let alone have fun?

I offer One-2-One Coaching, Group classes and workshops that will give you the tools you need to take control of your life and get moving again.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 17.54.29.png

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Chronic pain conditions can be incredibly debilitating and isolating.  I know I have suffered with back pain since a spinal injury when I was seven and have had chronic puedendal neuralgia since an attack on the subway in 2011. 


These experiences have totally changed the way I work.  I have had to learn to work with my nervous system to allow me to allow me to function at all 

Success Stories

My prolapse symptoms are not only improved, I have taken up running again   -   V. B,   Edinburgh 

After 20 years of minor incontinence I had just accepted that this was my lot.  After one term of women's health classes with Fiona I no longer plan my life around staying close to the loo and am loving it.   -   G. T,  Edinburgh 


I signed up to Fiona's women's health classes by accident. They seemed really gentle but have made a huge difference to my core.  I feel much stronger even my regular advanced Pilates classes feel much easier                   -    G. R,   Edinburgh 

Fiona was the first Pilates teacher I have worked with who very gently tackled my neck injuries head on, rather than just telling me not to do half the exercises in class.  For years I would take to my bed several times a week.  I rarely get headaches now, when I do they aren't as bad.  Best of all I join in with activities with my children I wouldn't have thought possible three years ago   - H. J,  Stirling

Group Classes


Pilates Mat

What are you looking for in a class?

  • Pelvic floor health.

  • Bone density. 

  • Manage low back pain.

  • Explore the Classical/Advanced repertoire.

  • Neck and shoulder pain.

The Variety of classes I teach mean I will have a class for you.  Get in touch and find out which class is right for you.





Currently Online Only

Thursday 08:00am 


Studio Apparatus

  • Working on something specific?

  • Want a more Personalised program than a group mat class can offer?

  • Your familiar with the apparatus and don't really need a One-2-One?

"Studio Apparatus" sessions are taught in small groups (up to 4).  Each person in the group is working on their own personalised programme on the Pilates Apparatus under my supervision.


09:00am to 14:00pm

Tuesday @ Pointe Ahead Pilates

Wednesday @ Blue Sky Pilates  

Thursday @ Pointe Ahead Pilates

Thursday @ Complete Movement



  • Really tight neck and shoulders?

  • Feel tight but stretching doesn't help?

  • Just want to move?

  • Feel like your joints need oiling?

  • Have fibromyalgia and want a gentle class to get you moving?

Gyrokinesis is a gentle but powerful movement class that will take your spine and joints through all ranges of movement leaving you feeling invigorated and centred.

Currently Online Only

Friday 09:00am 

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 16.11.49.png

Wunder Chair Classes

  • Looking for a challenging class that will take your Pilates practice to the next level?

  • Want to improve strength, balance and mobility?

  • Like the idea of small group classes using Pilates apparatus.

Possibly the most challenging piece of Pilates apparatus.  Many of the exercises are performed standing, sitting and some weight bearing through the hands which requires more balance, coordination and strength.  These are small group classes with a maximum of 6 people.

Not Currently Available

Online Courses


Adore ❤️ Your
Pelvic Floor

This course is in three parts. 

  1. An Online 16 week functional training program.  Which is basically 16 weekly exercise "homework" sessions which will take you from the basics pelvic floor engagement through to full function... ie being able to add running, jumping, lifting, what ever activities you want to enjoy or incorporate back into your life.

  2. The online "Adore Your Pelvic Floor" course.  this would usually be taught in 4 one hour workshops however by putting this course online I have been able to increase the amount of information I am able to give you... While making the individual instructional videos shorter.  So You have the option to binge watch the course or watch short videos as and when you find the time.  You are also able to rewatch the videos as often as you like.

  3. I have also created a Private facebook group just for this course and will hold regulary LIVE workshops on Facebook so you have access to me directly and can ask as many questions as you like.  (If you hate FaceBook I can also host these on Zoom so you're covered either way.


Course Includes 

Total hours = 10

Includes Printable worksheets 

All for £120

or 3 payments of £45


Release Your Neck & Shoulders

In this online course we will review common neck problems and altered movement patterns that affect the neck causing pain and disfunction.


This workshop includes a simple review of the anatomy of the neck and shoulder girdle.  So you can understand for yourself how and why this area can hold so much tension.


This course also gives you simple exercise programs that can help improve poor posture and address chronic tension headaches, and discomfort in the neck and shoulders.

Course Includes 

Total hours = 3

Includes Printable worksheets 

All for £30


Pilates to Manage Lower Back Pain

This course is not designed to diagnose or treat an acute injury.  However, it will give to a better understanding of the anatomy of the spine and pelvis as well as some common musculoskeletal imbalances that cause low back pain.  


We will also cover the mechanism of pain and how to use movement and pilates as a "tool-kit" to help manage and prevent future flare-ups and give you the confidence to get moving.

This course will also give you plenty of ideas and tips to help you keep moving if you are finding working from home playing havoc with your posture and impacting on your health. 

Course Includes 

Total hours = 3

Includes Printable worksheets  

All for £30


Love ❤️ Your Feet

Our feet form the foundation of our body, providing us with an adaptable balanced contact point to the ground from which we move. 


The strength and mobility of our feet can influence our overall alignment and subsequently the health of the joints all the way through the body - for example knees and hips. 


Yet most of our foots' life is spent in a cast (shoes) I am in no way saying don’t wear shoes, however, we need to know how to keep our feet mobile and strong to keep them healthy and doing their job well.

This online course covers:

An overview of the anatomy of the feet.

Common problems.

How to keep the feet mobile.

How to strengthen the feet. 

Quick tips and ideas on all things feet... anything from a foot hangover cure for those nights that you were up late dancing through to tips to deal with planter fasciitis.

Course Includes 

Includes Printable worksheets 

Total hours 4

All for £30

I'd love to hear from you, please get in touch... contact me 
  email:   fionacarterpilates@hotmail.com
  mobile:   07530  164418

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