Adore Your Pelvic Floor Online

​While the Adore Your Pelvic Floor programme is currently geared towards women I do work with men on a One-2-One basis..... and watch this space the AYPF programme for Men is on the way.  
Poor pelvic floor function isn't just responsible for those 'Oops Moments", it affects your overall health and biomechanics. If you aren't using your pelvic floor correctly this can affect many areas including your feet, knees, hips, low back and even neck and vice versa issues with feet or posture, hips neck and shoulders can affect how well your pelvic floor functions.
This can cause a cycle of dysfunction, chronic pain and even injury. Wether you are a new mum, menopausal or beyond.... I offer several services to support women's health needs see below.

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Whens the next scheduled Adore Your Pelvic Floor Course begins

Tuesday 12th July with Live sessions at 8.00pm each Tuesday for 4 weeks 


Adore Your Pelvic Floor - Online



This is the Adore Your Pelvic Floor program but reconfigured as an online course.  The advantage of creating this as an online course is that I haven't been constrained by time so rather than the four one hour sessions with me you have several additional hours of workshops all specifically designed to support you in improving your pelvic floor function.  


Just like the original Adore Your Pelvic Floor course this is for you if:

  • You have mild pelvic floor issues that don't require a Physiotherapist.

  • Or your looking for extra coaching to supplement your physiotherapy sessions.

  • You feel completely lost and don't know where to start with your pelvic floor.

  • You prefer to work through the program at your own pace... wether that is bing watching over a weekend or squeezing in an odd twenty minute videoed module when you have time.

  • You, like me are a bit of a geek and work better when you are given explanations and understand exactly how things work.

To Ensure you are getting the most from this course I have also organised regular Zoom dissuasions/workshops to give you direct access to me and give you the opportunity to ask questions.


£120 or 3 payments of £45

for the Adore Your Pelvic Floor Course. 

Adore Your Pelvic Floor - In person 

This is a 16 week programme that starts with four, one hour workshops followed by 12 further weeks of online support, videos, homework and advice from pelvic floor experts via the Adore Your Pelvic Floor facebook page.  For those of you not so keen on Facebook you all get a manual to refer to and links to plenty of "how to" videos so you have every thing you need to succeed.Wether you have minor occasional "Oops!" moments or more significant pelvic floor disfunction, Diastasis recti, pelvic pain or back pain this programme is designed to meet NHS guidelines and uses clinically tested techniques and allows you to taylor the homework you do to work for you while giving you the skills you need to keep your pelvic floor healthy and functioning for life.

Contact me if your would like a course run in your area:

Edinburgh ❖ East Lothian 

Mid Lothian ❖ West Lothian 

Falkirk ❖  Borders

Currently on hold due to Covid-19

Women's Health One-2-Ones


A One-2-One sessions are for you if:

  • You prefer One-2-One attention.

  • You don't get the attention you need in a group class setting.

  • You have complex rehab issues that require you to work at your own pace. 

  • You are under the supervision of a physiotherapist and need a trainer who will work closely with your physio.

  • You are anxious that you will do the wrong thing in class and make things worse.

  • You lack the confidence and need personal support to get you back on track.

From £55* per session for Private Tuition in person. 

*dependant on individual Studio Fees 


£40 per session for online Private Tuition via Zoom 


Pelvic Floor Safe Pilates  Classes

My regular classes are for you if:

  • You have mild pelvic floor issues but nothing serious.

  • You have found classes with allot of sit ups or jumping too much for your pelvic floor. But still want a challenging Pilates Class.

  • You can't run or jump without peeing and would love to get back to these activities.

  • You have lower bone density so want to avoid lots of sit ups but still want to keep your core strong.

  • You have chronic neck and shoulder tension.

  • You feel your posture is getting worse and don't know what to do to correct it.

  • You have low back pain and want to strengthen your back, core and hips.

  • Have arthritis or joint issues that mean other Pilates Classes dont work for you .

Currently on hold due to Covid-19... But you can join

"The Pelvic Floor Fix" Facebook Group for regular tips and support

Live Zoom Workshops
Free as part of my 
Adore Your Pelvic Floor Program
or £30 each 

What is it?...Where is it?...
The Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor

Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 14.12.11.png

In this Live Zoom workshop I will be discussing the anatomy of the pelvic floor, how the different layers of muscle interconnect and function.  How to engage, train, release and relax the pelvic floor. 

We will also look at what constitutes a healthy functioning pelvic floor in this session. It is a commonly held belief that a "Good Pelvic Floor" is SOOOOO tight it can be tucked behind your tonsils and if anything is going wrong with your pelvic floor its because you're not "Tight" enough.  While an increasing number of women are having issues because they are too tight or unable to release and relax their pelvic floor. 

We will also look at how the pelvic floor integrates with the rest of our body and will look at all the connections in the body that can affect or be affected by pelvic floor function. Starting with feet and working up through knees, hips low back, breathing, spinal mobility and finally neck, shoulders and the jaw.  So wether you are a tooth grinder, have flat feet or anything in between we will look at all these connections so you can spot them in yourself and give you the strategies to

Defeat those Oops moments!!
overcoming incontinence



Incontinence is a hidden epidemic It is more common that hay fever or diabetes but women rarely complain or ask for help.  In fact female incontinence is often normalised the attitudes of some GP's and adverts for incontinence pads who promote the

"Well incontinence is just part of being a woman"

dialogue.  And the sales of incontinence wear soaring as a subsequence. 


In this workshop we will look at the different types of incontinence.  Including

  • Stress incontinence

  • Urge incontinence or over active bladder

  • Overflow incontinence.

What contributes to each and how to resolve each.  And its not all about a strong pelvic floor.... it's often about retraining how your brain and bladder communicate or learning how to relax your pelvic floor to allow you to pee.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse


Over 50% of women have some level of pelvic organ prolase... some will never have symptoms or be affected by it while for others it really is a life changing condition.  In this session we will look at the following

  • What is a pelvic organ prolapse

  • How and why does it happen. 

  • What lifestyle hacks you can learn to help you.

  • How do you get back to exercising with POP.

  • Where should you go to get help?

  • Different treatment strategies and approaches.  Many women are confused by the options available to treat POP.  or often are only offered surgery as an option... we will look at a variety of different treatments including Women's health Physiotherapy, pessaries, internal release work and pelvic floor training/exercise. 

Good Toilet Technique


In this Live Zoom workshop we will look at good toilet technique.  What it is, why is it important and how to achieve it.


People usually dramatically underestimate the importance of correct toilet technique on pelvic health.  But something as simple as learning how to go to the toilet properly can help reduce chronic constipation, prevent or reduce the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse and give you lots of tips and lifestyle hacks to improve your gut health.

We will also look at common bowl issues such as chronic constipation, IBS, Crones and Ulcerative colitis and how these can affect pelvic floor function.


With increasing numbers of young children starting to have pelvic floor issue because of poor toilet technique this is a great workshop for Mums too.  

Getting back to Leaping, Lifting and Running

Ready Set Go

Women are often told to just give up running or power lifting in favour of swimming or Pilates if they have any kind of pelvic floor dysfunction.  This kinda makes my blood boil!  There are many reasons why women run for example.... some like the comunity some the isolation and peace, for some its a moving meditation and for others just a chance to move and keep fit.  Whatever the reason I dont think it is fair or approprate to tell a woman to give up... and I often find that if a woman is shown how to get back to running that the running or lifting... or what ever the loved activity is the activity itself helps to support good pelvic floor function.  In this talk we will discuss how to progress your rehabilitation program to get you back doing the things you love... wether thats running, power lifting, ceilidh dancing or bouncing on a trampette with your kids.  

I will also share with you some tricks and tools you can use to help support you on this journey.

Hormones and Menopause

Beautiful Women

In this workshop we will cover female hormones generally... however we are primarily looking at peri-menopause, menopause and beyond....


Just because you're under 50 years old don't discount this workshop.  Our hormone levels start to drop off as early as 35 years of age.  My own experience of menopause is the more you know beforehand the better prepared you are to recognise issues as they arrive and know where to go to get help... so this is the workshop and information I wish I had access to 10 years before I hit menopause.

Finally menopause is being talked about and recognised for the serious impact it can have on women's life, mental health and physical wellbeing. 


This workshop is jam packed full of information and resources to support you.