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FREE 5 Day 

Pelvic Floor Challenge


Join my Free FaceBook challenge and learn how to correctly recruit your pelvic floor, dispel myths that may be holding you back and learn the simple pelvic floor program that everyone should be doing daily 


Day 1: We look at the anatomy of the pelvic floor and how breathing and pelvic floor function are connected.


Day 2: Is Your pelvic floor too weak or too tight?  We assume that the only thing that can go wrong is your pelvic floor is too weak and needs to be tighter or stronger.  Day two we will dispel those myths and look at how to correctly engage AND RELEASE the pelvic floor.


Day 3: Today we look at the fast twitch fibres of the pelvic floor,  what they do and how to train them.


Day 4:  Today we look at the slow twitch fibres of the pelvic floor, what they do and 

Day 5: Pulling everything you have learned together.  We will look at how to pull all the techniques you have learned together to create a daily conditioning program that can help you keep your pelvic floor strong and supple.

Pelvic Floor Fix 

Facebook Group

This is a free facebook group that is designed to help women who are perimenopausal and beyond. The group is designed to offer education, support, advice and guidance on all things pelvic floor related.

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Adore Your Pelvic Floor 


Coming soon -  online program specifically designed to support you in improving your pelvic floor function.  This is for you if:

  • You have mild pelvic floor issues that don't require a Physiotherapist.

  • You don't know where to start with your pelvic floor.

  • you work better with daily prompts and reminders.

  • You work better when you are given explanations as to how and why things work.

  • You love social media and are comfortable online.

  • You find the support of online groups really motivating.

£120 or 3 monthly payments of £40

Women's Health One-2-Ones


A One-2-One sessions are for you if:

  • You prefer One-2-One attention.

  • You don't get the attention you need in a group class setting.

  • You have complex rehab issues that require you to work at your own pace. 

  • You are under the supervision of a physiotherapist and need a trainer who will work closely with your physio.

  • You are anxious that you will do the wrong thing in class and make things worse.

  • You lack the confidence and need personal support to get you back on track.

£60 per session for Private Tuition