I've gone Virtual....


Im now live online every morning at 8am 

These are crazy times we are living in so now and for the foreseeable future I have gone virtual and moved on line with the following class timetable...

Monday 08:00am Restorative Pilates
Tuesday 08:00am Gyrokinesis.  
Wednesday 08:00am Intermediate Pilates Class. 
Thursday 08:00am Advanced Pilates
Friday 08:00am Weighted Pilates Class
If you would like to join any of these classes I am doing a deal of £20 for May for access to my online Pilates Portal and as many of the classes as you would like to join.  I currently have the classes at 08:00am GMT but that is open to change dependant on what you ask for.  
  • £ 20    per month for access to my online Pilates training portal
  • £120   Online - Adore Your Pelvic Floor Course
  • £ 30    Online - Love Your Feet Course coming soon
  • £ 30    Online - Release your neck & shoulders coming soon
  • £ 30    Online - Pilates to manage low back pain coming soon

Live Online Group Classes Currently Available at 8am every morning


join the recorded class at your leisure  


Restorative Pilates 

What are you looking for in a class?

  • Just starting out in Pilates or wanting to work on the basics?

  • Looking for a Pelvic floor safe class.

  • Need a class that will help you manage low back pain.

  • Looking to help chronic neck and shoulder pain.

What I call "Restorative Classes" focus on the fundamentals of Pilates.  Posture, mobility, flexibility, core strength, and good breathing/pelvic floor function.  

Which makes these classes ideal for both beginners and those who are advanced but want a gentle "restorative" class to relax and find their centre.




  • Really tight neck and shoulders?

  • Feel tight but stretching doesn't help?

  • Just want to move?

  • Feel like your joints need oiling?

  • Have fibromyalgia and want a gentle class to get you moving?

Gyrokinesis is a gentle but powerful movement class that will take your spine and joints through all ranges of movement leaving you feeling invigorated and centred.



Mat Class

Looking for a slightly more challenging class.

Want to start working towards the advanced repertory

But still want to Looking for a class that is a balance between challenging your core while still working on mobility, posture and balance?  

Intermediate Pilates Class.  This class is for those of you who have been doing Pilates for a while but are still looking for a class that will work on core stability and mobility. 




  • Want to improve your strength and add weights to your workout?

  • Looking for a class that will help maintain bone density and is osteoporosis safe?

These classes are designed for you to use small weights however there is no need to use weights if you don't have any or prefer not to use them. 

These classes are designed using the osteoporosis safe "BuffBones" programming however that are suitable for everyone who would like a simple weights class focusing on postural alignment and spinal/axial elongation




  • Looking for a challenging class that will take your Pilates practice to the next level?

  • Always wanted to try the advance repertoire but didn't think you were ready? 

  • Missing your reformer workouts?

Advanced Pilates for those of you looking for a challenge or to improve and refine your Pilates Practice.

These classes are for those of you who are injury free and have been doing Pilates for a while and would like to explore the Advanced Repertory. 

In these classes we will explore the advanced repertory as well as the exercises that Mr Pilates called Reformer on the Mat.  These exercises replicate the Apparatus exercises but on the mat.

Success Stories

My prolapse symptoms are not only improved, I have taken up running again   -   V. B,   Edinburgh 

After 20 years of minor incontinence I had just accepted that this was my lot.  After one term of women's health classes with Fiona I no longer plan my life around staying close to the loo and am loving it.   -   G. T,  Edinburgh 


Fiona's women's health classes seem really gentle but I feel much stronger even my advanced pilates classes feel much easier    -    G. R,   Edinburgh 

Fiona was the first Pilates teacher I have worked with who tackled my neck injuries head on.  For years I would take to my bed several times a week.  I rarely get headaches now, when I do they are not as bad.  Best of all I join in with activities with my children I wouldn't have thought possible three years ago   - H. J,  Stirling

Specialist Online Workshops & Courses

Love ❤️ Your Feet

  • Do you pee when you laugh or sneeze?

  • Have an uncomfortable prolapse?

  • Are you always desperate to go to the toilet but only have a dribble when you get there? 

  • Feel you will never get back to exercising or feel young and sexy again?

  • Missing out on joining in activities with your family? 

I offer One-2-One coaching, group classes and workshops designed  just for you.

£120 for lifetime access to  Online course 

Release Your Neck & Shoulders

This 2 hour masterclass will review common neck problems and altered movement patterns that affect the neck causing pain and disfunction.  
This workshop will present a concise, useable, contemporary review the anatomy of the neck and using this research show you how to develop an effective care and exercise programme that will help you maintain optimum postural solutions and function of the neck. 

The workshop includes a worksheet of the exercises you will learn so you can continue to practise these exercises at home.

£50 for lifetime access to  Online course 

Pilates to Manage Lower Back Pain

This workshop is not designed to diagnose or treat an acute injury.  It will give to a better understanding of the anatomy of the spine and pelvis as well as some common musculoskeletal imbalances that cause low back pain.  We will cover the mechanism of pain and how to use movement and pilates as a "tool-kit" to help manage and prevent future flare-ups and give you the confidence to get moving.

£50 for lifetime access to  Online course 

Love ❤️ Your Feet

Our feet form the foundation of our body they provide us with a contact point to the ground and adaptable balanced base from which we move.  From this point our feet can influence our overall alignment and the health of joints all the way through the body - for example knees and hips.  Yet most of our foots life is spent in a cast (shoes) I am in no way saying don’t wear shoes, however, we need to know how to keep our feet mobile and strong to keep them healthy and doing their job well.

£20 for lifetime access to  Online course 

I'd love to hear from you, please get in touch... contact me 


  email:   fionacarterpilates@hotmail.com

  mobile:   07530  164418

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  • Poor posture causing chronic neck and shoulder pain or debilitating tension headaches? 

  • Chronic back pain preventing you from having the social life you want?

  • Do you pee when you sneeze or laugh?  You'd love to join the other young mums at postnatal running club or yoga but worried your pelvic floor wont cope?

  •   Maybe you're just looking to get your body moving well again, but tension, injuries and pain mean you are afraid to move and just need to get your confidence back.

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Are You a Fitness Professional or health care worker looking to improve your understanding of pelvic floor function?

Click here for information on teacher training courses running in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Treat yourself to Pilates - feel stronger, balanced & energised!

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